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A week without my phone

My phone and I took separate vacations this year. It wasn’t intentional–I had a granola bar in my pocket, and my six-year-old was intrigued and started poking around (any other treats in there?) and my phone fell out on the parking lot shuttle bus.  We figured it out pretty quickly but there was no time to go back, and the parking lot staff found it and said they’d keep it safe for the week.  My immediate reaction was “well, I can blog about it later.”

So now that I’m back, I have to report that I didn’t have any terribly profound revelations. My husband still had his phone, and I did check my email once or twice a day and take a couple work calls. So I suppose that explains why it was no big deal.  But I do have a few small observations.

I don’t remember phone numbers any more. I wanted to call my mother to say “don’t try me on my cell–call Pete,” but I didn’t know the number. Luckily I remembered her email address, and she emailed the phone number back.  I know teenagers have this experience a lot these days–I’ve seen the ‘lost my phone, need numbers’ Facebook postings.

I had no idea what time it was. I don’t wear a watch any more.  I have a pretty good sense of time, and when I need to I check my phone.  The combination of no phone and being out of regular routines put me in a kind of temporal-free zone. Which was actually kinda nice.  I stayed up reading at night until… well, until I was tired. I have no idea what time it was.

Shopping in big stores was a pain.  Pete and I marched off in different directions in Target and… wait, where is he?  Uh, I guess I’ll wait by the checkout aisle.  Having two phones lets us wander off and not take time to form and communicate a plan.

I didn’t miss Facebook, Foursquare, or Zombie Farm.  Especially those last two. I don’t know why I returned to doing them when I got my phone back. And as for Facebook… I don’t know why I went back to that either.  There are some people I enjoy keeping up with on Facebook, especially former students and family. And the rest of you… well, forgive me but I didn’t miss ya.

Lastly, I have a future scheduling snafu because I said yes to something without actually looking at my calendar. Having my correct calendar with me is an unequivocal win.

Maybe I’ll do this again some time, on purpose.

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  1. Rodney T Walker
    April 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Amy –

    Interesting observations. My parents were in town for spring break last week, and the subject of cell phones came up. I told her that I’m definitely attached to mine now and use it for everything.

    I echoed your comment about phone numbers. My parents moved into their current house 7 years ago. I still have no idea what their phone number is. In fact, I can barely remember the area code! Luckily, my phone’s info is automatically backed up every night. But if I lost my phone, I’d have no way to contact people.

    I get the thing about time as well. I check my phone more than I check my watch, and I have a watch!

    One thing I do make a conscious decision about is when I’m with friends. Any time spent with friends is time I leave my phone in my pocket. And there have been times when I’ve purposely left my phone in my car when I’m out, to make sure I don’t have it.


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